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Exodus 35

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One Lord Teaching Ministry is a 501 3 Incorporated in the State of Georgia.

The Jehovah Shammah Dome will be constructed by FAVOR and FUNDS from the Children of God.

God has no hands on earth to do His will except our hands. Amen.

Jehovah Shammah Dome

The Outside

Exterior Lights

Psalms 43:3. O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles.

Psalms 27:1. The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

A White Cross that will be a 24-Hour Beacon of Light will shine from the Center of the Dome. The Beacon will symbolize Jesus the Light of the World. This light will draw men into his presence.

Rev 4:5. Seven (7) lamps will surround the outer perimeter of the Dome Roof. These Lamps represent the seven Spirits of God.


For 18,000 seats, a minimum of 4500 parking spaces would be required to meet the Code for the City of Lawrenceville, GA.

Rev. 4:4 Ninety-six (96) Elderly Parking Spaces will surround the Dome.

  • 24 at the East Gate
  • 24 at the West Gate
  • 24 at the North Gate
  • 24 at the South Gate

The Elderly, Handicapped and Wheelchair bound will be assisted with Golf Carts to get them into the lobby. Wheelchairs will also be available. Twelve Handicap Van parking spaces will be included in the 96 parking spaces. No steps will be required to go from the parking lot to the lobby. The level entry is designed to bless the elderly and others with poor mobility.


1 Kings 6:35 & Rev 21:12-13. There will be 12, 12 Feet High Doors to the Dome. Each Door will be Solid Pine. The Door Frames will be Gold. All knobs will be Gold.

  • Three Gates in the East
  • Three Gates in the West
  • Three Gates in the North
  • Three Gates in the South

Two doors will abut each other and be Non-Automated hinged inward. One door will be apart from the other two and Automated. This door will be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and golf carts.

1 Kings 6:32-35 & Rev 21:12. Angels will be etching into each Door.

Numbers 1:5-15 & Rev 21:12. Above each door will be the Names of one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The names on the door will correspond to the Seat Section Names. Example: Section 1-Judah is in the North. The Door of Judah will also be in the North.

The Names above each door will be according to the Word of God in Ezekiel 48: 29-34:

  • North Gate: Reuben, Judah and Levi
  • South Gate: Simeon, Issachar and Zebulun
  • East Gate: Joseph, Benjamin and Dan
  • West Gate: Gad, Asher and Naphtali


Rev. 21: 14, 19-20. Twelve (12) Custom Designed Wide White Columns will be spaced evenly around the Dome. The Columns will provide support for a porch that will surround the Dome. (1King 6:3) The names of one each of the 12 Apostles will be carved into the Columns. The name of Matthias will take the place of Judas. (Acts 1:26)

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