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Exodus 35

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One Lord Teaching Ministry is a 501 3 Incorporated in the State of Georgia.

The Jehovah Shammah Dome will be constructed by FAVOR and FUNDS from the Children of God.

God has no hands on earth to do His will except our hands. Amen.

Jehovah Shammah Dome

The Sanctuary

How Many Worshipers Will the Dome Seat

On June 29, 2010, God said the total number of seats will be 18,000 in accordance with Ezekiel 48: 29-35. There will be twelve (12) sections of seats. Each section will be named after one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. There will be 1,500 seats per section. The seats will be black. The seats will be ordered from Mr. Rick Shockley @ Solid Rock Church Furniture in Lawrenceville, GA.


The Lobby carpet will be tones of purple for royalty. The Sanctuary Carpet will be Purple representing the Royalty of Jesus. Inside the Sanctuary where the sets are will not be carpeted. The Purple carpet will go down the isles from the top to the bottom row of seats. This Purple strip of carpet will continue to the Alter of God.

All seats will have direct access to the Alter of God via the isles.

Handicap, Wheelchair and Elderly Seats will be reserved for the front rows of all sections except Section 1 and Section 8. Handicap, Wheelchair and Elderly Seats will be available at the Top Level of Sections 1 and Sections 8. Access to this section will be via the elevators.

Section 1 will have a platform extending from the first row for Choir, Band and Praise and Worship Team.

Section 8 will also have a Platform extending from the first row for VIP guests, Ministers, Testimonies and Announcements to be made.

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